What is dark and full of terrors? Clearly Colombo’s old bookshops. Aisha and I discovered this the hard way when I noticed a few roaches running about while we probed one staircase bookstore near Maradana. If you’re Ned Stark scouring through family histories or Piggy running errands for Maester Aemon we’ve got the top second-hand bookshops to grab literature that’s out of print (for cheap). Students can find out where to get their SAT & IELTS second hands here too.

PS. To cater to the reader in you we’ve tossed in a few literary allusions to avoid the monotony of the Twilight Saga. (*SNAP* Oh no you didn’t.)

The Standalone Bookshops

Sarath Books

Colombo’s literati seems to be a population in decay. If you’re looking for the last of these Mohicans they’re probably here. I saw an aunty catch up on some good books, while two young ladies probed the racks for new arrivals. Already burdened with a pile of books of our own we didn’t get anything here, but if you’re looking for Lenin, Marx or Mein Kampf among some technological guides for old Windows computers, you’ll probably find it here. There’s a load of new books as well for those of you who are looking for cheap fiction and fantasy.

Good For – Old books, Books on history, Tech guides from the year dot, recent fiction.

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