By Raisa Wickrematunge
Photos by Gazala Anver/Pavithra Jovan de Mello

There is nothing quite like the feeling of picking up a book and getting lost in its pages.
Before e-books and television, it was books that engaged people, and introduced them to new worlds, characters and ideas. Technology might have changed that now, but for those who love to browse through bookstores and have scant cash, there is a cheaper alternative.
You will find them on a shady corner of the D. R Wijewardena mawatha and T. B Jayah Mawatha intersection, off theMaradana junction. The second hand bookshops have been there for decades, as far back as 1953, the proprietor of Sarath’s Books, Sarath Thewarahennadi said.

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Ahoy, Book Junkies! (The Sunday Leader – 2012/01/29)

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