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They’re three of a kind, but which is the best? Our new column has us traipsing across Colombo in pursuit of our favourite things. We’re talking food and drink, massages and clothes, essential services and places to party: there’s nothing we won’t have an opinion on. We’d also like to hear from you: what would you like to read about? Have a recommendation to share or a suggestion on how we can improve? Write in to: take3colombo@gmail.com.

A good book can be hard to find in Colombo, particularly if it isn’t something written by Jeffrey Archer or J.K Rowling. It’s why readers in this city have had to embrace the treasure hunter within. There’s something in a tiny shop filled to overflowing with old paperbacks, the box of novels (choose any one for Rs. 50!) or a shelf where you can’t quite see all the titles that holds such promise. Who knows what gems a dedicated reader could unearth?

Going out to buy books can be an adventure and it’s why most of us end up spending hours at the few second hand bookstores that remain (we still mourn the passing of Biblomania on Hospital Street). We began this week with a hunt for Deen the Bookman and ended it at the line of shops along Maradana which serve as lending libraries. Here’s what you need to know:

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Magazine (The Sunday Times – Sunday, January 20, 2013)

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