Sarath Books lending facility is the premium service we provide to our customers which allows you to borrow English and Sinhalese novels.

No need to buy books anymore, when you can just borrow books.

With our lending service you can take unlimited number of books home and keep them up to three (3) months to read. When you finished reading you can return those books to our shop and exchange to another lot.

The rules are very simple.

  • First, select the books you want.
  • Pay a deposit payment depend on the cost price of the books.
  • When you finished reading, you can return the book with a reading charge (From Rs 30.00) and just take another bundle of books home.

Simply, you can have a lifetime membership of our lending library, to read the whole stock of our novels just with a single deposit payment!

We are lending Children’s Reading, Novels (Fiction, Non-Fiction), Biographies, and Magazines.*

School text books, Dictionaries, and other text books written on various subjects including (but not limited to) Medicine, Engineering, Accountancy, Economics, Arts, Cookery, Marketing and Management are not to be borrowed under the lending policy.

* Conditions apply
You need to pay the marked market value as a deposit. Market value is determined by Sarath or his authorised staff member. Reading Charges may vary from Rs.30/= to Rs200/= depending on the market value of the book.
Sarath or his staff decide what books are to be borrowed, the loan period, and the deposit.
The book should be returned within a maximum of 3 month period and the book should be returned in a reasonably clean and comparatively good condition in order to claim your deposit or to maintain your rights to exchange books.