Sarath Books is the most popular second hand (used) book shop in Colombo, catering thousands of customers from each different social classes with different backgrounds. But, there is a common obsession in all different people. It is the “humble human” living inside each different people, who loves books, reading novels like bread and butter or seeking their professional text books. Also these people are economically smart, expecting an unexpected sight while browsing through the piles of books & magazines, and they enjoy spend hours in the friendly atmosphere with a team of easygoing book sellers in the same block specially to have a chit-chat with Sarath Hannadige (the owner).

With over 45 years’ experience in trading both brand new and used books, Sarath Books is close to its customers for its cheapest price and the best customer service.

Our “lending facility” allow customers to borrow English and Singhalese novels as many as you want and read them at home. Then you can return it with a little reading charge and borrow another bunch home. Readings are available from kindergarten kids to the senior citizens to suites all different tastes.

Please come and witness the difference at book oasis - Sarath Books in the middle of the busiest city at No9-11, D.R. Wijewardana Road. Colombo 10.

We are representing the
Colombo International Book Fair
Since 2003.